Newsletter Week Commencing 11th February


Spring Term 2019.

Week 22.

This is the last week before we break up for half term (one week). We break up on Friday 15th February and return on Monday 25th February.

We will visit the library on Monday so please ensure that your child’s library book is in his/her bookbag so that they can choose a new one to bring home and share with you over half term. Thank you.

Last week it was Chinese New Year (Tuesday 5th) and the children learnt all about how the Chinese Emperor named the twelve years. The animals had a race and the years were named after the animals as they reached the other side of the river. They tasted fortune cookies, prawn crackers and spring rolls and we had chopsticks to have a go with.

On Thursday 14th we are having a non-uniform day in honour of “Valentine’s day”, we ask that the children come dressed as “something/someone that they love”. We ask that all parents/carers give a voluntary contribution of £1. All monies raised will go towards Pre-school activities.

This week we will be talking about our feelings and looking at pictures to see if we can see how others might be feeling in them. We will also be discussing our favourite colours and our favourite toys.

Please remember any orders for the Little Urchin photographs need to be back here with the monies and the proofs by Wednesday 13th February so we can take them to the post office. They should then be back here after half term.

Any worries or questions, please do not hesitate to ask any members of the team.

Thank you for your continued support and have a lovely half term.

Pre-school team.


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