Week Commencing 28th January

Spring Term 2019.

Week 20.

We have three more weeks, including this week before half term. We break up on Friday 15th February for one week and return on Monday 25th February.

On Wednesday 30th January we are holding an informal open evening for an hour 3.30 – 4.30pm. Come along and look at your child’s learning journey so far. Staff will be around to chat.

Last week the children were counting and comparing, we used the weighing scales to talk about “heavier” and “lighter” and “balance”. We used the mathematical language of “more than”, “less than” and “the same”. The children were really good and we could see a lot of brain cells working as they worked out what was what.

This week the children will be talking to the children about who they share stories with outside of pre-school.

We visit the library on Monday.

Music & movement is on Tuesday

PE is on Friday.

On Wednesday of last week Vicky, the “Little Urchin” photographer was at Pre-school. She took some beautiful photos of the children dressed as pirates & fairies. The proofs should be back this week for you to look at and order.

Vicky has asked me to tell you that if your child has any scratches or sores on their photo then you can request on the form that they are air brushed

Please encourage your child to put on their own coat at home and even do it up. I know it’s tricky but practice makes perfect. Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to any of the team.

Pre-school Team.

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