Weekly Newsletter Week 10

Autumn Term 2018

Week 10

Last week we talked about how the season is changing, it is getting darker and the leaves on the trees are changing colour and falling off. We talked about what is happening outside and how some animals start preparing for the winter. The children played outside with the Autumn leaves, looking at the colours and the noises they made as they were walked on.

On Monday we will read the story of “Diwali “to the children in the library. This story is about a Prince called Rama and his Princess Sita and the ten headed monster Ravana.

Diwali is called “The Festival of light” (Hindu festival) often celebrated with fireworks.

This week the children will use lots of different shapes to create bonfire and firework pictures. Monday is “Bonfire night” so staff will be stressing the importance of keeping safe at this loud and colourful time.

To honour Remembrance Sunday, we will have 1 minute’s silence on Friday 9th November. You can buy your poppy here. We are also selling –

Poppy pencil sharpeners

Poppy erasors

Poppy rulers

Poppy reflectors

Poppy pencils

All with a suggested donation of 50p (rulers £1)

Dates for your diary

Children in need – Friday 16th November. Details to follow.

Trips to Hatton Farm will be on 7th or 17th December. Please send back the form and monies if you would like to go on one of these trips.

We hold our Christmas concert at Hinckley Baptist Church and it will be on Friday 21st December.

Please help your child to decide what they would like to dress up as, it must be Christmas related i.e. an angel, shepherd, King, Santa, a star etc.

Once your child has decided, we kindly ask that you either buy or make a Christmas costume, (we have spares if this is a problem) and then the children will come to the Church dressed in this for our concert. The concert will start promptly at the Church at 10 am.

The Pre-school day starts at 8.45 please try not to get here too early as the children then need the toilet waiting outside in the cold. Many thanks.

Thank you for your continued support.

Pre-school Team

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