Weekly Newsletter Week 6

Autumn Term 2018.

Week 6

This week we will practise our Fire Drill on Tuesday and Friday. The children will learn how to exit the building calmly when they hear the loud fire bell. They will follow the teachers and walk in a line to the designated safety point and then listen for their name to be called from the register. If they tell you about the loud bell you know what it is. This is just a practice to show them what to do in the event of a fire at Pre-school. This will be done once a term.

Last week we were talking about how to look after ourselves. The children practised putting on their coats without any help. They looked at different fastenings –zips, buttons, velcro etc on their clothes and shoes.

The children learnt how to put on an apron for painting and playing with the water. They talked about how to use the toilets properly and the importance of washing and drying their hands afterwards.

This week the children will be doing lots of counting. They will be using different resources to build towers, counting and comparing heights and sizes and then carefully dismantling them, counting as they take items away.

Next week is a “cooking week”. There will be no library or PE this week. Throughout the week different groups of children will be making cakes. Each day different kinds of cake will be made - plain sponge, chocolate chip, cherry, lemon and raisin. Yummy! They will be able to eat all of these lovely foods at juice time. Miss Taylor will speak to the parents of children with dietary requirements.

We break up for half term on Friday 12th October. We are going to have a “Wear it pink day” to raise money for the breast cancer campaign. We return on Monday 22nd October.

Please talk to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Pre-school Team

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