Weekly Newsletter Week 5

Autumn Term 2018.

Week 5.

Last week we talked about the 4 basic shapes. The children did lots of matching activities and found shapes all around us. This week we will be talking about how we look after ourselves, how to use the toilet/urinal and the importance of washing our hands afterwards. We will also be looking at fastenings on our clothes and shoes.

Don’t forget that we have a “Wow” board for any amazing achievements that happen at home. e.g. wearing pants, swimming without armbands. Anything that you are really proud of your child for achieving, write it on one of our note lets and we will put it up so everyone can see it.

Over the last 4 weeks & 2 days, the children have been playing games using colours and shapes. We are constantly counting objects and looking at numbers, for example, on our daily calendar. Please encourage your child at home to point out different colours/shapes/numbers to you. This can be done at all sorts of times during weekends – trips out in the car, playing in the garden, shopping trips, etc.

As autumn comes upon us there will be lots of colours to see outside. Please bring a lovely warm, named coat to Pre-school to beat those autumn chills!

Any questions or concerns please come and talk to us.

Pre-school team.

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