Weekly News Letter Weeks 1 and 2

Autumn Term 2018

Week 1&2

A big “Welcome” to our new children and a big “Welcome back” to our 4 Little Battlers from last term. We hope that you all had a lovely summer holiday!

Every child has been allocated a member of staff as their key person. Please check the list in the Parent / Carer folder if you are unsure of whom your child has.

Every child also has a home contact book to keep in their book bag and this also has the name of your child’s key person written in it. (Book bags can be ordered at Pre-school).

Staff will be chasing parents / carers for certain forms this week and next if we have not already had them.

We need:-

A copy of your child’s Birth Certificate (Without providing this you will not be able to claim any funding from county hall).

Please fill in a Statement of Undertaking Form (your key person will give this to you) – this will tell us how many sessions your child does at Little Battlers and if he / she attends any other provision.

Medical Form.

An Emergency Contact Form – we would like 3 contact numbers if possible please.

An Ethnicity Form.

If you have not received any of these forms, just let me know.

You were given a “My Time to Grow and Learn” booklet to fill in with your child at home. (On the Induction day) if you have not received one, just let us know. This will tell us all about your child’s likes and dislikes, family, pets etc and these will be put inside your child’s learning journey folder, a special folder of work, photographs and comments from parents / carers, staff and children which will be gathered throughout the academic year and will then go home with each child when they leave Little Battlers.

Please send in a recent photograph of your child to go on the key person jigsaw board which you can see when you come in the main door.

Also, please send in a photo that your child can talk about; it can be a birthday party, a family photo, a pet – anything that your child will enjoy sharing with us. (So we need 2 currant photos please).

Every child will be given a book to decorate the cover at home with you. This will become their Learning journey, a book which we will fill with photos, work and comments. This will be a lovely keepsake at the end of the year to have when your child leaves us. Please send it back to us as soon as it has been personalised.

We like to give every child a birthday card on their special day and last year we asked if children could make a blank birthday card at home and send it in to go in our special birthday box from which the children can choose a card on their birthday. If you would like to make a birthday card at home with your child for our box that would be fantastic!

Every Monday the children will visit the main school library to choose a book to bring home to share with you. Every Friday, the children will do music and movement at Pre-school; all they will need to bring or wear to Pre-school are pumps or trainers. We will start both of these next week. (Library is on Mondays, Music and Movement is on Friday)

At the end of the morning session (children attending mornings only), staff will see the children out to you one at a time as we see you at the side door.

We have some children who will be staying all day and they will wash their hands ready to have their packed lunch. Children staying for dinner will need to bring a packed lunch to Pre-school (no nuts please). There will be a small charge of £1 a day so we kindly ask for the dinner fee to be paid half termly; you will receive an invoice from the main school for this.

At the end of the afternoon session all of the children will be lined up and seen out to you at the main door. We will not release your child until we see you. If you will not be collecting your child, we need to know who will, and what they look like, so please send in a photo. For last minute changes of people collecting we will ask for an agreed word to be told to us. If we have any doubts at all, we will ring your contact number, so it is very important that we have several up to date numbers to contact you on.

Please wave at us when you see your child until we get to know you all. Thank you

If you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to speak to any of the staff, we are here to help and make your child’s time at Pre-school a happy and safe learning experience.

Pre-school Team

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