Week Commencing 9th April 2018

Welcome back everyone! Hope that you all had a lovely Easter break and ate lots of Easter eggs. This half term is 7 weeks long; we break up for half term on Friday 26th May for one week and return on Monday 4th June.

We will be practising for our Sport’s this half term so please send your child to Pre-school every session in suitable running shoes, e.g. trainers.

Pre-school Sport’s day will be on Wednesday 23rd May 11-12am during the morning session. It will take place on the main school astro turf area on the field. Children who do not normally attend on a Wednesday are invited to come and join us at race time.

You will all be receiving a letter about this nearer the time but for now, please put the date in your diary.

Also, another very important date for the diary is the leaver’s party on Wednesday 11th July in the morning. This party is only for the children who are leaving Little Battlers to go to big school. The Pre-school will be closed to all children in the afternoon. On Thursday 12th July for the first time we will be holding a graduation morning for the leavers only.

Pre-school will be closed on Friday 13th July for cleaning.

This week we will be talking to the children about what they did during the Easter holiday. You could bring a photo of you and your Easter eggs in to show everyone.. The children will share their Easter experiences with their friends, taking turns to sit on the “chatting chair.

Independence is the key and we hope that you will help to encourage your child to come into Pre-school on their own, so that they can hang up their own coat and sort out their own book bag and photo.

This term they will be encouraged to recognise and write their name as much as possible in readiness for big school. We will also be starting the Ruth Miskin Phonic scheme introducing the children to a new letter sound everyday. The sessions will be very short and lots of fun!

Let’s make this last term a fabulous one!

Mrs. Williscroft

Pre-school Manager

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